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"Jscrambler is a trusted ally for businesses striving to achieve PCI DSS compliance. Their resources allow organizations of all sizes to ensure client-side security is constantly safeguarded, effectively protecting organizations. I'm honored to work closely with the team to ensure we're developing one of the most advanced solutions in the market"

John Elliott, Jscrambler Advisor and co-author of PCI DSS v4.0
Jscrambler is helping Merchants achieve compliance with requirements 6.4.3 and 11.6.1 of PCI DSS v4.0 and QSAs to validate compliance
Requirement 6.4.3

Make sure that all JavaScript included in the payment page is actively managed.

yellow-circle-1  A method is implemented to confirm that each script is authorized.

yellow-circle-1  A method is implemented to assure the integrity of each script.

yellow-circle-1  An inventory of all scripts is maintained with written justification as to why each script is necessary.
Requirement 11.6.1

A change- and tamper-detection mechanism that generates alerts is deployed to the payment page.

yellow-circle-1  Alert personnel to unauthorized modifications to the HTTP headers.

yellow-circle-1  Alert personnel to unauthorized modifications to the content of payment pages as received by the consumer browser.

yellow-circle-1  The mechanism is configured to evaluate the received HTTP header and payment page.
yellow-circle-1  The mechanism functions periodically.
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